How much do you cost?

It depends on what you’re after! Get in touch with me to have a chat and we can work out a package just for you.

How do I reserve my wedding date with you?

Contact me, book in a meeting and I’m happy to put a hold on a date until the meeting. If anyone else requests your date prior to your deposit being paid I will get in touch to discuss your plans.

Where are you located?

In Adelaide, South Australia (most of the time!).

Are you happy to travel?

I’m always happy to look into traveling for your big day. I try to keep my instagram updated as to when and where I’m heading next. I’m often in Melbourne, Brisbane and the USA so if I’m going to be in your area we can arrange something without any added travel costs.

How do you feel about marriage equality?

I’m 100% in favour of any two people who are in love being allowed to marry.

What kind of prints do you offer?

I have an expansive and eclectic range of products to display your images. From fine art albums to prints on cement, I offer options to work with every style and budget.

Please feel free to ask me absolutely anything wedding related. I spend a lot of time at weddings and I’ve picked up quite a few handy ideas, like timeline suggestions and ways to keep the day chilled-out.

If you have any other questions, just ask!

xx Kate

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